On November 22, 1969, Rotary Club of Makati West (RCMW), through District Governor David Sycip, received its charter from Rotary International. Since then, the Club has grown up not only in membership – from 34 to 102 whose age ranges from 30 to 85 years old – but also in the scope and influence of its services, attested to by the testimony of many beneficiaries as well as many local and International Rotary awards. Makati West’s farsighted leaders, its dedicated membership, its supportive spouses, sister clubs, and many other selfless individuals, have all contributed to this growth.

Over the last Forty-Five years, Rotary Club of Makati West has blazed the trail in all five avenues of Rotary Service – Club, Community, International, Vocational, and Youth Service. It has undertaken countless socio-civic projects to help improve the lives of people in poor communities. That all of these projects have succeeded in some degree or another as attested by the many testimonials the Club has received from the projects’ beneficiaries. Not to mention the numerous tokens of recognitions and innumerable awards the Club has garnered from the District, National and International level.

Among the projects that RCMW has undertaken are: the Nutrition Program for malnourished children; the Mass Wedding Program for couples who have been living together without the sacrament of marriage; the Scholarship Program for college students at University of Makati; the Gift of Life Program for the operations of poor children with congenital heart disease; the Artificial Limbs Project to provide free prosthesis to indigent amputees; the Vascular Birthmarks Program to treat patients with hemangioma; the Cataract Surgery Project and many, many more. Deeply imbued with Rotary Spirit of service above self, the members of the club have undertaken these projects year after year with equal fervor, compassion, and dedication.